Kedma Ough,
SBDC Director

Kedma Ough is as a proven champion for the entrepreneurial community. As the MHCC SBDC director, Ough provides leadership on behalf of the small business community and helping grow Oregon’s best businesses. Ough is also a weekly writer for Entrepreneur Magazine writing on funding and innovation topics. Prior to joining MHCC, Ough was the executive director of MIPO a non-profit organization supporting inventors through training and advising for new product development. The Huffington Post has recognized Ough for fueling innovation in Oregon and Inc. Magazine cited Ough for her work in creative financing for minority-owned businesses. Having supported more than 5000 businesses as an advisor, facilitator, and connector Ough focuses her energy on getting businesses unstuck.  She holds a Masters in Business Administration and is a graduate of the LIMA product-licensing program.  Locally she has served on the Governors Small Business Advisory council and her past awards have included the SBA’s Oregon Women Champion of the Year, SBA Oregon Small Business State Champion Award, and the National Small Business Influencer Award in Leadership. One of her most proud moments as a child was winning every single Monopoly game and today she sees the pursuit of a small business as a game that can be won.  Ough is a fifth generation entrepreneur and her great-great grandfather peddled various products throughout Ireland.

Adam Reid,
Lead Instructor

Adam Reid followed his deep passion for entrepreneurship, community involvement, and education throughout his life.  His experiences include helping to develop a nonprofit music center named Ethos, co-founding a charter high school in Portland that teaches youth leadership and entrepreneurship, owning a restaurant and café, and serving as an Adjunct Facility member at Portland State University.

His education includes a Master’s in Education Administration from Stanford University, with a focus on business, and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Portland State University.

Altogether, Adam has served thousands of volunteer hours in the local community, mentored dozens of start up businesses, and received many awards for his community involvement and business ventures.


Guy Edwards,
Business Advisor

Guy Edwards specializes in social media marketing and search engine optimization. No matter how crowded the internet gets he helps client’s websites get found.

After attending the Art Institute of Chicago he went to work with large publications to help them transition from print publication to online subscriptions. He has pioneered e-commerce for businesses and distance learning courses for major universities. After a write up in The Wall Street Journal Guy worked with several advertising agencies in Portland.

Guy owns Brainjar Media, a company that develops and markets websites for a wide range of organizations including corporations, small-businesses and non-profits. Brainjar’s most notable clients are Animal Planet, Intel, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Willamette Egg Farms and most recently Yoshida’s Sand in the City.