Photo of Chad Withrow

Chad Withrow

Vice President Northwest Enforcement Inc.


Chad received his formal training in the United States Marine Corps as team leader for an anti-terrorism security team during the Gulf War in 1990-91. Since then he has worked for and managed many security contracts. Most notably, Chad managed the US General Services Administration contract for security of Oregon and Southwest Washington federal buildings prior to, during and after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Chad is a licensed trainer for Oregon and Washington security certification, Taser, OC Pepper Spray, defensive tactics, handcuffing, report writing, verbal judo, First Aid and CPR. As one of about 450 licensed ASP instructor trainers around the world, Chad certifies law enforcement, security and military to be ASP baton and handcuffing instructors. For Northwest Enforcement, Chad oversees all training curriculum and manages company operations through a team of managers with a focus on training and supervision of employees.